Why does this website Stick of Gum exist?

Let me guess: You came across this terrific website and fell for the ancient gum trick? And now you're wondering why is there such a useless website? Then you are exactly right here. Let me explain why there is this website, in addition to the countless and meaningful websites.

I have always enjoyed playing a prank on others. Be it the classic with the whoopee cushion, a handshake with an electric shock or a little bang in a cigarette. You can certainly remember such pranks from your youth or are just at the age when you are always looking for new pranks. One evening when I was chatting with a good friend, I just thought: how could I best play a prank on him without going to his home? After thinking about the possibilities that Inetrnet offers me for a long time, I came up with the ancient chewing gum trick. I can remember that there was even an issue of Mickey Mouse magazine that included such a chewing gum pack. And here we are on stick-of-gum, where not only my friends were fooled, but also by many others around the world, without having to face each other.

Stick of Gum - It has never been easier to prank anyone.

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This website has been in existence for 5 years now, thousands of people have been fooled and many have created a personalized link to insert their friends as well. It is inevitable that other websites report on stick of gum or link to stick of gum.

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Stick of gum - Most Useless Website 16/2016

Top 22 Weird Websites to Cure the Boredom - So, go get a stick of gum at this website and I bet that you will have a smirk on your face if you do not laugh at the funny idea.

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