Other cool stuff to prank somebody

If you want to trick someone, you can do it using the classic method if you are facing the person directly. Or you can do it digitally.

Face to face pranks

Whoopee cushion - A classic when it comes to tricking someone. The whoopee cushion. Blow it up, put it on your victim's chair and wait for him to sit on it. FART. Still as fun today as it used to be.

Stick of gum - You are not a child of the 90s and wonder that the chewing gum trick is also available in an analog form? Get the gag chewing gum in 3 different executions: Squirt, snapping and shock gum.

Puff Cigarettes - Do you want to prank your parents, teacher or the security in the mall? Get a realistic looking cigarette and see how they react. You can also use this fake cigarette for your Halloween costume or during a photo shoot.

Fake dog poop - Another classic if you want to fool someone. Put this fake poop in the hallway next to your neighbors door and wait for him to come out and shriek.

Further recommendations will follow!

Digital pranks

Fake Windows Update - It's prank time! Fool your friends, family and colleagues with this fake windows update screens. Choose between Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10 or other Windows version.